Echo Lake

playtime at Grandma’s

Its Liza’s birthday today.  Your Grammie, great aunt and uncle stopped by with food, balloons, balls and clothes. Sweet simple party for a one-year old.  And perfect gifts.  She will play with these items for years! Nice afternoon then you all went home to take a nap.  Even daddy. How old is your sister?  One, you say proudly. At an age where her gifts (other than clothes) are very interesting to you, too.

We went to Echo with Daddy this year.  Grandpa was working and came later.  But we had such a good time.  You are a swimmer, a hiker and a climber.  You even washed dishes a few nights.  Perfect little cabin guest.  Grammie and Mike came up and we ate, boated, did puzzles, played games, read books and had a nice visit.

I cooked, you did dishes

Your swimming lessons gave you so much water confidence.  You’d slip through the water checking other boats and after paddling around the stern, proclaim, “Your propeller is in good shape!” The boat owner would thank you and you’d paddle on.  This was a fun trip because of your language skills, too, buddy. You told me: “I goed to Echo and taked my hiccup twuk and new toy boat. I putted it on a string to pull it around in the water so I could help it swim. I was helpful and kind to you because you are a nice lady, gwan-ma. I was good at taking out the grabbage from the car when we getted there. It was windy and the boat taxi maded my lips get hot so you putted some chopstick on it.  Then I feeded the tiny fish some bread balls each time.  I wanted to eat their meat but you tolded me I couldn’t and I was a little bit sad. I only had a wet night-night diaper one time.  I peed on grandpa’s side of the bed so you could get some sleep. And I tried not to drink water in bedtime.  One time I drinked your electronic without alcohol in it and it was bubbly.  I wanted Liza to come, too, but mommy wanted to grow up first. I like Echo Lake and didn’t want to see a bear.  But I wanted to touch a baby cow and touch a dragonfly.  So I did.”

A friendly dragonfly

I love Echo Lake, you tell me each day.  Me too, buddy.

Me and Grammie at Goose Beach

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  1. So great to “see” Orien (sorry, can’t remember how to spell his name) swimming around checking propellers. And Elle one year old. So much has happened for that little family since she was born. Thank goodness she and Orien are back with you and Glen.

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