Bring on my seventh decade

I had a wonderful party on Saturday.

Thank you for coming, buddy bringing your mom and sister, too.  We went to Natural Bridges Farm,, where they prepared a fresh organic meal from their garden during their twenty year celebration in the community.  I shared my birthday celebration with them, purchasing 20 tickets for guests.  We then traveled up to the house for spirits cake and cheese.  20 or so of us climbed into the construction site, inside the frames, trusses and perched folding chairs on the subfloor of the emerging living space.  My family set up all week long, lighting tacked along walls, clipped to beams and headers and ramps and handrails last minute built by carpenters on Friday afternoon. We set up tables, food, drink, flowers, Arts and Crafts idea books, a whiskey cave in the cellar and slide show on the plywood livingroom wall.  A small group stayed on own in the cave close to midnight.  A perfect celebration.

Then we pulled up Alex’s mattress into framed the bedroom, piled on the comforters and slept in the breezy hilltop.  You brought your crib mattress and sleeping bag, stuffed tiger and footie jams and joined us.  The dog beds kept the dogs close. We woke up early to the fog, empties, flowers, gift paper and ribbons and you dashed around to turn on all the lamps, then sat for the last piece of cake.

Uncle AJ called from Brazil and wished he was here.  You drew him a cake picture.  When we get his address I’ll send it.

We got books, fabric, photos an old blueprint and tile inspiration from friends.gma brown

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