Yestermorrow ago

You are getting so tall, so full of ideas and reliably share your thinking in such clever ways. Today I took you to school; and after letting you sleep in after our late sleep over, you making pancakes, cracking an egg and adding it even though the recipe didn’t call for it, feeding the dogs, the horses, getting un-sticky and brushing teeth…ahem, we were late and circle time already started. Teacher Robin was singing and the kids were jumping around and one crying and you couldn’t bring yourself to sit.  The teacher asked if you wanted to sing and you looked at me.  I’m feeling shy right now.  You said.  Are you smart about yourself, or what?  This is hard coming at circletime.  I know that.  You didn’t get your free and easy play outdoors, a chance out in the open to watch a bit from the corner of the sandbox.  I am so sorry, buddy.  But you know, you are just fine.  When I came to pick you up you were wearing fairy wings and playing with a few girls dressed in fancy clothes.  “I am going to get some nectar” you called to them flitting off as I arrived.

I want some time in the sand at your house okay.  Lets’ check the horses, I said then you can play there.  “Bemember Yestermorrow ago we builded that sandbox with Jim?”  I remember.  I remember so much about us.  I reminded you about the thistle seed with floaty white rays that you caught and put in a small jar.  You told me that she is a fairy.  I remember I told you that my sister and I used to call these fairies.  I told you that before you went to Montana.  Its sweet that you remember. You talk to the fairy in the jar and tell her that she can go back to her friends soon.  You want to look at her awhile.  Like we do with lizards and beetles. You took her to the honeysuckle vine and picked her a flower, sucked the end and offered her some, then you let her go. You looked pleased and a little sad.  “She was shy, grandma, so I let her go.”

Liza walks from the tent around the driveway and up the hill to the house now.  She goes fast clapping for herself along the way.  Her confidence swells with her new ability.  She talks, waves to people and scolds the dog when she knocks her down with kisses.  “No, Jo-Ja.  No.”  She scolds with her finger pointed.  Hmmm. Wonder where she gets that?

Tomorrow you will come play while mom is in school.  Its hot weather again, so maybe we’ll fill the pool.  When I spend the day with the two of you, I am truly retired.  I sit in the sand, make sandwiches and go on picnics.  Life couldn’t be better.  I am so fortunate to get this time with you and your sister. Maybe tomorrow we’ll go visit Grammie.  Okay?  We’ll give her a call.  Beach trip?

Wednesday is a parent conference, I was invited to go and mom and dad told me they’d like that.  My friend Madhu will be in the classroom while we talk to your teacher.  That’s pretty cool.  I hope mommy and daddy can hear how well you are doing.  I see it.  Social interaction was awkward at first, but I see you playing with children more and more.  And you told me today that sometimes kids hit.  Oh, dear, I said. ” I do too,” you volunteered.  “But it makes kids sad so I stopped now.”  What do you do when you feel frustrated? ” I stomp and say words about my mad.”  I love it.  You are working so hard. Its such good stuff.  Keep at it.  Teach sissy, too.  loving you gma Painting a picture of the newly erected trusses after the crane left.

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  1. What a joy to read about how well both your little ones are doing. I love how in tune Orien is with his feelings and so able to communicate them. Helps me to plan about how to support this with Sloane.

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