Fairy Wings

Grandpa had a set of small pink plastic set of fairy wings stuck on his back this morning.  They had been left there by you during an afternoon nap.  Your toy playmobile fairy had been uncovered in the bed last night and put on the bedside table when grandpa and I retired last night.  Blessed by fairies.  Might be good, right?

But then it was Christmas and I went to pick up Liza in her crib at 6am, she arched her back and pulled me over to strain my back…and ouch.  I cannot bend, have to silently scream at the use of my right arm and put heat on my muscles throughout the many times singing jingles bells. We went to Robin and Neal’s to eat yummy food and have a good party and last night a party at the neighbor’s where you played with Shelby who bit you on the ear in a wild moment of holiday cheer.  Your mommy told me you cut down the fake tree in your tent after learning how to do it when Shelby’s mom took you tree cutting a few weeks ago.  But I wonder…How long did you have to cut it down, that fake tree, while no one was watching? And why was no one watching?

Mom and Daddy came for a bit to Auntie Robin’s today.  Daddy had to go to work, but Mom came back in our car and went to the tent immediately upon our return.  She usually does that.  She rarely sticks around.  I wonder if mommy is getting used to life without you? Hmmm.  I hope not. Her family did not seem to involve her in their holiday, so Mommy may feel a bit sad.  I am glad you had a happy day.  Your favorite part was the food, actually.  The tapioca, the apple pie, pumpkin ice cream, cookies, the real pineapple sitting on the counter.  The candy canes. You talked about these things all evening.  Then you went to bed early.  So tired.  So tired.

Well, buddy, I am sipping whiskey for my back and writing to you to relax.  I’ll get to bed pretty soon, that makes me happy.  Hope you and sissy are well tomorrow.  That sister’s cold is getting better and not worse. That Santa brings you both a healthy new year.  Love you, gma-ma

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