Its a Gina Day

Get up, eat your eggies, change a diaper, slippies on, brush teeth. Lunch packed, diaper bag refreshed, slippies off, shoes on and you are gone. I am here, the swoosh of the dishwasher, the clank of the overalls in the dryer and the dog snores.

I have scheduled the insulation contractors, found a plumbing error, working on Chuck to stain the ceiling in between insulation, wallboard after windows. The tile designs are nearly done, wainscotting measured for faucet height, switch plates and aesthetics. The stairs and front door are in a design phase, upper lanterns for living room being conceived by Neal and the deck nearly ready for next steps. Its busy around here. And the windows are gorgeous. You and I stood in wonder looking out at the ocean last night before sunset.

Investigator from court spent a few hours with us; interview, chat and a little looking around. You tooted a horn to interrupt us several times (got to listen to what your toots were telling us). The court hearing will not be contested by your mommy and daddy. Mommy seems okay, stuck maybe. Surgery for her hernia on Tuesday, court on Friday. Then does our normal return? Do we have one anymore? This new normal. The one that brings Gina 3 times a week, has you on my lap snuggling with room for your sister each morning while Grandpa sleeps in the next room. The normal that gives me hope. The normal that will change everyday. The one we chose for you.

It was the right choice, buddy. Love and errands, gma

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