Cough in elbow

You tell me your cold is better-allergies? So you go to school to deliver Valentine’s on which you wrote each child’s and teacher’s names. You just did it (school provided the printed list). Each name was artistically rendered, letters inside of one another, next to and between, each fit on its 5X5 envelope every which way. I wonder what I want to teach you? I think about that now. And then you just do something like this. The “G” you tell me is really cool. Because, you explain, there’s a stick across a capital “G” for the birds to stand and eat their seeds. You are a delight and daily amaze me. I remember the day you told me that it was very hard to catch your cough on your elbow because it pointed way out and your cough couldn’t reach it. Okay, let’s call it your arm inside your elbow. Got it. Not try to cough on the pointy part.

You and Liza and Grandpa and I went to eat at a neighbor’s last night, playing with the dogs, the big rubber balls and each other. I think I have to focus on fostering sweet sibling relations. I have to teach you more than an elbow cough. There must be some important things like that I’m missing. You tell people thank you for things they give you on your own, say you are sorry, kiss sissy after smacking her and pet the dog after kicking him. You have some of the bones now let’s grow you up in the next few years and just see what I forgot to think about and what you bring on your own.

Grandpa’s gone for a few days. He left to fly on an airplane, just had to, he said. Just want to I said. He can barely hobble around. Have a safe trip leaving me here with my little charges. After the last blog (it was like that horrible tummy ache where you finally let it fly and ahhhhh. I released all that foul and nasty stuff so I can move on). I am so much more relaxed today. We’ll see. Where’s the grandma raising grandkids support group?

Happy Valentine’s Day, buddy. Hope you are having a lovely time with your friends. You can give your valentine to mommy and daddy when you get home or when we see them…I haven’t seen your mommy in three or four days, actually.  This is hard to figure out.  Then a lady named Haylie knocked on the door today looking for your mommy.  Weird.  All is weird. gma

2 thoughts on “Cough in elbow

  1. We are trying to get Sloane and Max to cough into their arm, too. It was so funny today, because Max was coughing and I said in your arm and then pretended to cough in my arm. Max got very serious and walked over with his arm stretched out so i could cough into it! Ha! Ha!
    One of the things that i appreciate about the nanny is that she reminds me of things I should be doing with the children, like having them wash their hands before eating. Good grief, you would think I would do that just naturally, but with everything smeared all over it doesn’t occur to me.

    • I totally get that. I also use Nanny as a “professional” Ha. We are just grandmas really. Retired from the profession and long off the floor. nancy

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