Eyes, nose and airplanes and a party

I blogging at the SFO airport in the international terminal across from Exit G where your uncle AJ should arrive in the next few minutes. A flight from Tokyo is passing thru now.  People screeching like nails on glass, one another’s names in unfamiliar staccato grating and melodic languages.  The sound flings painfully across the cavern of glass and concrete where one echo links with other echoes and bounce around and until it all abruptly charges at my ears. I may have two ear infections, and am water-balloon headed today.  I am also expectant, eager and happy.  And a little sleepy.

I got up early and left daddy with you and sissy at the crack of dawn. He and mommy are moving today.  I fronted them some money for first and last and they move to Lompico cabin.  I didn’t want to know anything about it.  I was fond of the idea of them just being gone.  Although I must admit, I will miss seeing daddy for coffee in the mornings. But sadly can’t think of a thing I’ll miss about your mommy.  Sorry, buddy. You told me that their cabin is “this big” spreading your arms to shoulder width.  That’s what I thought. A big bed and no couch, you told me.  I did ask a question: Can you afford to pay the rent after you make this commitment? Mommy says she hopes to get disability checks.  I told her to get a life instead.  No. But I was not nice. Be a good partner, get work, participate, dammit. Start to be productive for your own good and to support your family.

I’ll have to address the clean up later.  I have so little energy this week as I fight the cold or whatever it is.  I told the doctor that I have a sinus infection, he told me to get some nasal spray and some Allegra.  Did he think I was simply unhappy? Then I had to find time to return to the doc in the box after a screaming rather than moaning headache, teeth falling out eyes burning and ears throbbing headache kept me awake all night.  And I had to beg for antibiotics.  I know my body by now I told the young whippersnapper.  This is a sinus infection. See how rarely I use antibiotics-why do you keep track of everything on the computer?  Jeeze. He warns that I may get runny poo, a yeast infection, dizzy and be light sensitive.  Shut up.  Bring em on, I have to lift my head at least a few times a day to supervise these kids.

I now can lift my head off the pillow without grasping my hands behind my head and pulling with my knees first.  And Grandpa finally comes home from his trip and I can get a shower and a moment.

I see AJ.  He must be the last one off his plane.  I parked rather than circle endlessly.  What fun to see him.  He talks about women in Brazil he’s leaving, women of the flight and then talks about women.  Hmm.  I can hardly wait til this fellow stops dating and gets serious. Could be years off.   He goes to New York on Sunday, back next Sunday and his position starts on the 13th of June.  We stop several times: in Los Gatos to get his new I-Phone from a company rep and his American Express Card Global Surf Industries and some reading material for the plane, at the Bagelry (too long without a bagel), dad’s shop, and grandma’s house to get her car.  Then he comes home and sleeeeeps.  I look at him there and crawl on top for a snuggle. So sweet. Bed still warm you crawl in for his afternoon nap and join him.

On Friday, you and sister and I went to Caroline’s Retirement Party in Monterey and played with Slaone.  It was on the way home I discovered my eye infection.  I couldn’t clear them and the sun was way too bright (Damn whippersnapper?).  I used your cream eye treatment before bed, fell asleep with you in the bed and never got you into your own bed.  Sissy went to bed without her bottle.  She and I threw it in the trash.  Basura, we sing and dance.  BA-SU-RA, cha, cha, cha.  Want your sippy cup?  Okay she says.  We’ll see how nap goes tomorrow.  She also goes potty on the toilet before baths and after a diaper change sits a moment.  A little premature, but just the beginnings. When potty appears, she claps for it.  You clap for her too, and hug her.  Thanks for the support, buddy. We’re okay for now.

Grandpa’s birthday cake
Ellie at Caroline’s Swinging Party


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  1. How great AJ is home-or at least in the same time zone. Sorry you got so sick. I am too, but not as bad as you. Love the picture of Ellie at the party. Sure was wonderful to have you there!

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