Play Buddies

What ever I may be experiencing as a grumpy, resentful adult, you children continue to grow, change and develop. Bring joy. The life force you bring to the daily pulse of our household is powerful and momentous. Predictable routines uninterrupted, you thrive.  July is a free month.  No daycare, no preschool.  What’s burdensome for me, is a developmental opportunity for you.  You paint, dig in the sand, go for walks, play in the sprinkler, eat pea pods off the vines, snap off spears of asparagus, chives and plums that you forage as you explore. Today you found two ripe thimble berries.  MMMM. And a hazelnut that was unripe, but now you are watching the only bush that hangs full.

You do these things together.  “Come here Sissy, there’s new peas this morning!” you, shout.

“Do you want to play ballerina?” You ask.  “Yes!” she shouts.  And you both twirl around the house, She watches you carefully to see how the game is played.   Executing her twirls and soft landings with ease.

100_3666“Want to play horse?”you ask this morning.

“No.” simply stated, as Liza sits down to play alone.

“Little quails?”


“Baby chicks?”


“Want to get on our bed and play night-night?”

“No.”  All of these “Nos” while sitting on her bean bag looking at a book.

“Sissy, why are you saying “no” so many times?  Say “yes”!”  you demand.

“Now, let’s play tent and camping. Want to?”

“Yes.”  And the blankets and stools are pushed into place, tossed, taped and a tent play is in progress.

Daycare has surely changed Ellie.  She has also matured a bit, gained confidence and is more secure in her routines.  She experiences mastery in her daily activities, mixing eggies, peeling bananas, pouring water into a cup and putting on her own pants (sometimes on her head, but On, nonetheless) All of this is mixed with less frustration than previously battered our sanity.  We notice the house feels less stressed, smoother, more relaxed.  Almost as if I am a the real mommy.  Resigned for now.  No long term plan.


Yesterday I interviewed a couple of caregivers for July and August.  I just want some help (not professional, like our dear Gina) taking the kids to swimming, gym class and play at the beach or park.  Walks in our neighborhood and someone who may want to stay on and rent the cottage when we leave.  Must love gardening, the woods, know life in the country and be ready to manage independently. Exchange child care/support for rent.  A capable couple would be ideal.  The other “hitch” is that the kids room would stay in tact in the back and remain available for overnites. We hope that September is the end of house construction and we can move in October. We moved into the old house in 1999 in October. I remember a dramatic lightening storm when I was refinishing the kitchen cabinets.

AJ found a place in Newport Beach apts for young working professionals.  I’d love to help him set it up.  Maybe leave the kids for 3 days and drive down to help.  Maybe I can figure that out.  We’ll see.

You are having a great summer, buddy.  Lots of talk about fears (meteorites, monsters and wolves) and pretend play (chickens, quail, deer, dancers, kittens and vets in airplanes to Africa).Wonderful stuff.


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