Today I dropped you off at school.  Liza first, a quick kiss and she slipped into circle-time just starting. You went second because you asked me to stay for five minutes.  We stood together in the play yard, your head under my corduroy shirt.  I’m missing my mommy, you told me. We talked to teacher Jonnie about you writing or drawing a picture for her.  As I left you called out, Bye mom.  Then laughed at yourself.

As I approached the turn at Lupine Lane, two bobcat kits trotted out onto the road-side by side. I stopped. One striped little kitty turned an ear then worriedly glanced toward my car; picking up her pace just as the other pulled into alert with intent on the coyote brush.  She vaulted into the air, pouncing out of sight.  The other, keen on keeping track of her partner stood in alert.  Sister emerged with a small rabbit in her jaws.  A prize that the sister-cat couldn’t help but notice. And with a slap of her paw, hoped to get some.  Slap, wap, paw, scratch; they tussled to the ground. Pounce sister held tight and dashed into the meadow to enjoy her meal. Sister-kitty sat and licked one paw then the other.  Intent on cleaning up a scratch or a little bunny taste.  But then she remembered my car.  Still hovering nearby.  And ran off too.



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