Loving your daddy

img_0300What would I do these past few months without him? He feeds the animals, takes and picks up kids, groceries, carts boxes and bags and furniture from cottage to house and willingly back out to the storage when I change my mind. He’s cheerful, optimistic and participatory. This is his heart home. He loves it here with all of us. With you. And he needs his own life, friends and a place of his own. Mommy calls sometimes, not often. Daddy is much better. And I watch him loving you and your sister with an open heart and arms.

You had a scare at school. You fell asleep at nap and thought I’d left you at school. It took awhile for Teacher Rob to calm you. Moving is fun and can upset the balance. You asked me if I’d please never leave you behind. Never, I promised.

Today I realize that I need more help. I need to call a housecleaning service, get someone to help me cart things around for a few hours each day and I need to have a working phone. After all the A, B, C phone planning talk, there are no available wires up here. What? So no phone until the wire stringing gets authorized. No cell but internet works from Grandpa’s office on the hill. A family has to have a phone.

Yesterday I wanted to take Uncle Neal in my arms and hug, hug, hug him for his generosity, his clarity, his “just do it” spirit and his amazing abilities. Our bedroom shelving looks gorgeous, everything he has done is so beautiful and he dances circles around these slower guys that we find ourselves stumbling over.

We want to thank him so much for the big things he does and the small ones, too. gma

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