I warmly welcome you. This isn’t the kind of place I am used to hanging out. I prefer my living room, a writing table, the classroom, art shed and garden. But my favorite place is holding hands with children stopping to listen as they share one discovery after another on the sandy cushioned forest trails here in Bonny Doon. I am getting ready to post my stories, videos and publications. It’s a new creative space, a spacious park where you are welcome to peek in, sit for awhile, jump about or stroll as you browse a recent blog post, essay, article and story. Some of the posts I wrote a few years back, others while writing Fallen From the Nest, my, as yet, unpublished memoir. Please poke around and make comments about what you see, feel free to share with others and check back because more is coming soon!

A special welcome to relatives raising children. Our family’s story may resonate in ways that you understand better than anyone. Though our stories have different particulars, these dear children need us. They have often been injured and need special care and attention. Taking in children was not in any of our plans. But we stepped up. I am inspired everyday as I make it through another one, sometimes doing exactly what I did thirty years back. Sometimes I feel I can’t take one more step. I thank you, honor your heart, your willingness, your love. And I hope my book Fallen From the Nest might hold some truths that touch your spirit.