January visit

I planned a trip in January.  I have to go to Boulder to pick up Ella and Kalen to visit their California Grandma’s and your Grandpa.  They will stay in town for a week.  I decided to fly to Billings and go through Denver.  That way I can get them on the way back in Denver at the airport.  But the big news is that I get to visit you.  I can hardly wait.  I can think of may things I want to do.  I can think of many things you’d like to see, and walks we could take, places we could go, but all those are here.  I don’t know what we’ll do there.  Just hang out maybe.

I looked on a Welcome to Billings, Montana website for ideas.  It is winter so we can’t go fishing. The rivers will be frozen.  We won’t be going hiking or maybe not even walking. You don’t ski and I don’t drive a quad. There is a mall, I think. We may not even go outside.  I barely know what to do without going outside.You can help me figure it out.

I remember the fun we had making cookies, rolling out the dough, pressing in the raisins and nuts. We made soup together, you learned to peel carrots and pick the meat off the boiled bones and one time you dropped a whole big potato splash right into the pot.  We laughed so hard when I told you I would fish it out, you said “NO, of course not.”  It will be hard to cook in a motel room, but we could eat.  Maybe we can play games, jump on the bed and run in circles until we fall.  That’s silly.  I will probably bring a camera so we can take funny pictures and also sweet pictures of each other. I will pack a project to do and a game and some books.  Maybe we’ll  sing songs and dance to music or just sit and look outside and at each other.

I haven’t been having too much fun.  I forget to have it.  Then just now I realize that I need some silliness.  That’s why I want to visit, so we can laugh and me find my silliness. I think silliness sits really close to love.  And together there is nothing better.

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