Checking In

Billings, Denver, brought two grandkids back to home, I’m exhausted. No power, storms, no shower for days, sleep and woodstove heat now that we dropped 2 yr old and 4 yr oldoff at Grandma # 2 house. At New Leaf on wi-fi outing w/ hubby. Forgot my purse so I am borrowing un purchased glasses from the rack with tag hanging down over my nose. Smelly, dirty, muddy boots. That who-cares-I’m out of town feeling. But Grandma#2 just walked in w/ the kids. Hi! Hi, hello. Stories from Billings after power restored. Need to sit with my journal and pick out the places I want to explore a bit more. Good news. My Buddy guy will visit for 2 weeks in February. Back to you soon. gma B

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