I dreamed one time

You are asleep; its your nap time.  I’m a little swimmy from my own overtired state.  Each day you sleep at least 2 hours after choosing a book or two, snuggling in, listening to me read and then you want to read it by yourself, please.  I make calls, do email, write for work, coordinate construction crews, ck in on their progress and problem solve.  Today you and the dogs played together- running, throwing balls, skidding to a stop (each of you) screaming and barking.  It was a house full of noise, laughter and silliness.  I had so much fun watching you all.  The dogs would bite and snap at one another, but reach their paws out toward you to engage, whine, squeal and bark.  They haven’t had so much fun in a long time.  You said “These dogs are my family, aren’t they?”  You painted with a small roller today, paving a road, making a landing strip, the hills and a map.  Your rich imagination continued to enchant you as you drew on the fresh rolled out colors with a crayon, with your fingers and then stuck some cut outs we made a few days ago for collage into the wet paint.  You poked them on, then pressed your index finger firmly around all of the edges, flattening them.  The shape of your grandpa’s truck, a moon and some stop signs dotted across the page, then many moons. Its art, you tell me.  Save it. And I do.

Grandpa says he’s gonna miss you.  I think that’s true, but he’s mostly working, reading at night and spends a few minutes actually with you.  I think he’s gonna miss seeing me with you, listening to me report what you did and fill the house with messy art, play scenes in unlikely locations and the yummy food we make for dinner. And maybe he’ll miss who he and I are when your are here. I told you today that you will fly on a airplane in two more days.  You will go to your home with mommy and daddy and Liza in Montana. You stared at me, then really looked at me closely, mumbling passively, “Montana..” but what you were paying attention to became evident when you said, Gramma, you have blood.  Blood in your eyes.  Its all over your eyes right there.  You lean in and kiss my eye, then the other.  Are you okay?  I’m just fine, buddy.  My eyes do a lot of thinking at night and get red.

My eyes think too, you tell me, cuz’ I dreamed one time.

Sleep soundly, precious one.  I’m going to slip out and check with the sheet rockers. By the way, you told me about that dream.  You said that you were grandpa and getted to sleep with grandma in grandma’s bed.   gma

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