Really special moments

Your bright blue kid-sized teapot sits in front of you, steaming with chamomile tea, a miniature cup pinched in your fingers. MMM, you close your eyes and sip. Can my friend have some? Sure I say, handing you a cup.  No grandma, its pwetend, you explain.  Oh, I get it, and hand you nothing.  Thank you.  And you slide a pretend cup to your nobody.  Does she like it?  Its a guy, grandma. And he doesn’t have tea yet.  Oh.  I wait for a pretend pour, but you pick up the small pot, pour til empty, all over the table, the floor then look at me. Hey, I say, that was real tea.  No, its real spilling, though. You explain.  And we wipe it up with a real towel or two.

One thought on “Really special moments

  1. As usual my heart smiles for Orien’s wonder of the world but mostly for Gramdma’s gift of sharing with us. Blessings

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