Witness Someone Adoring You

Daddy starts at Home Depot this week 40 hours a week, he says.  That means you’ll be with mommy a lot.  I reminded daddy to find you daycare program so you could play a couple of times a week with kids and get out of the house. It’s free, mommy told me, they just have to sign up.  I told him it would be good for mommy, too.  With daddy focused on a new job, I worry about you.  Last week your mommy told me she doesn’t know you.  She isn’t close, she said, to you like she is to Liza. “I just don’t understand how he operates,” she complained, with an impressive amount of self-awareness.  I heard a call for help.  The root of the behavior issues are here.  Mommy needs to witness someone adoring you.  I’ll do that.  But she has to see me.  Not hear about it. Maybe a good teacher in Billings could fall for you.  Can we find one?  I’ll work on it.  I love you, buddy.  And I totally get you.  gma

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