Finding places to rest with each other

Backrest?  Okay, says Georgia.  Better than stepping on my outstretched legs, clamoring over my tender belly, pushing fingers into my nose.  I actually like this.

We pretend we know what Georgia says.  We actually pretend what people are saying as we see them drive by and walk past us.  “Excuse me”, you say in jest, “I just peed my skivies.” This one was scripted for a lady who walked by frowning.  We laughed after she turned down the other aisle. The baby diaper aisle. Silliness is fun.

You and Liza are with Gina right now.  Its a short week because on Friday we fly to Portland for the weekend.  Liza feels better after her 4 shots, one in each arm and one in each thigh.  She only has two more to be caught up. Your immunization record card is missing and no one seems to know what shots you have had and haven’t had.  We’re figuring it all out.  Liza had a fever, runny nose and stayed up most nights irritated after the shots.  She seems better now. Me, too.

Happy Birthday week, Gina. Mommy’s stitches are healing (staples and glue actually) and daddy is still busy pulling wires for grandpa.  They don’t seem to be talking about important things.  Or much of anything. Mommy told me she found an affordable rental.  Affordable begs definition.  She says she has a campus job starting in February.  I say that is very good news.

All in all things are busy, humming away and days fly by like pages in the wind. love to all of us, gma

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