The social worker came to visit

After she left I asked Grandpa, “Did she say that she thought that she didn’t think that the kids would be returned?”

Yes. he said.

“Did you say, I ask him, that we are in it for the long-haul?”  Yes.

This is a turning point.  We are your parents if that is so.  Not serving as them, but ARE.

I was working so hard to protect Grandpa from the work it takes to change our lives to care for you like parents do.  I tried to make it “for awhile” for both of us.  But he said, and I agree, its really important that we hang in there with you, “for the long-haul”.  Be your parents.  Then you get what you need.  You and sissy deserve that.  We turned a corner.

Now we need the judge to let you stay.  To see you here for a long time, too.

How Gorgeous you both are.gma

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