Mobile Play

We have been having the best time with our own play this week.  Grandpa is off fishing.  I have been grouting our wall mosaic in the art studio space with the kids, OMG—they are each quietly singing as they play this morning.  They each have invented little songs about what they are doing.  You sing, “Little piggy, I love you.  You are the cutest little one.” to the tune of “Friendly Octopus” Liza sings “It’s okay, little one.  You are going to sleep.  It’s okay. Night night little one.” to her own melody.  So soothing.  Reassuring (to me) Her play is healing, caring and richly involves the dog, Annie, you and dollies.


She is the most attentive big sister Annie dog could ever have.  If a collar isn’t in reach an ear serves fine to bring her into the playroom to take on the role Liza has in mind. When not climbing, riding her bike or jumping on the trampoline, Liza loves to play “home and care routines” -dollies, feeding, dressing, wrapping in blankies, stroller walks.  You both both cry, wrap and feed the characters in need.  Today you re-discovered the Playmobil people and some accessories. The piglets are adorable. And check out the hedgehogs.  I am so happy to see you using these.  Little sets in ziplok bags sat on shelves for years.  Some pieces are new.  It warms my heart to see the complex stories and the play using the same characters for the past few years.  Here are those little pigs again, but now they are in an apple business.  The trees have blooming, fruiting and leafless seasons.  The animals eat the overripe and fallen ones.  So much detail.Image

And Liza’s babies are visiting the orchard today.  You push the tiny carriage, the dad who takes pictures of the farm for the two babies.ImageImageThese pics taken by you.

They had to move to a new house.  Grandpa-mobil pushed the baby stroller, daddy carried the dolly changing table and brother drove the tractor.  Two rooms away the dollhouse has been re-arranged to accommodate the twins and their furniture. Liza-mobil and you-mobil are taking care of them now.  The parents are gone.  But what the heck.  We can do it.  They report. 

Clearly I have these moments of privilege and respite to thoroughly enjoy your stories, joyful engagement and my own.  Cold foggy drippy July, so chilly.  Your play warms our hearts. gma

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