Mommy in hospital

wilder family

Hey buddy. What a time for you. I am on a vacation with Grandpa. We are in Brazil for another week. I hear that your step-mom is sick. She had something called a stroke. It makes it hard for her to walk and move one of her arms. Her face may look a little different, too. I am so far away that I haven’t seen mommy, but you have, She is in a hospital that will help her get better. I wonder how you are. How your sister and brother are managing. I think your daddy is probably very upset and busy helping mommy feel safe and cared for. I hope you get some of that too.

If you get worried please ask daddy or my sister, Auntie Robin to help you understand. Uncle Neal, Grammy and Robin are good at telling you what you wonder about. I think you may be spending the night at different places while daddy sorts himself out, soon you will be back to your routine. That will feel good. Maybe you could draw your mommy some pictures or Skype with her. That would make her happy. I bet she misses you. When I caught a piranha today in the river, I wished you were here. I wanted to show you the toucans, the river otters and the giant anteater. I wanted to hold you and listen to your questions. I wanted to hold you while you cried. I love you buddy. Your step-mom has a good doctor to heal her. gma

4 thoughts on “Mommy in hospital

  1. Ican’t check “like”. I don’t like it at all! Oh dear dear Nancy, what a frightening turn in the road. How can I support/help you right now?
    I will call Nico – find out how Brenda is doing,how he is doing. It may be helpful for him to have someone in his Mom’s world to talk with. I’m not well enough this week to offer to take the kids for a while – but maybe in the next few days…
    Damn, damn, damn

  2. Nancy, you always manage to choose the right words. Hurry home, but not too soon; enjoy your trip. You are missed.

  3. Thank you for reassuring the children of the changes that may be occuring at this time. Let me know how we might support you as well.

  4. A letter from Grandma that will be held to the heart for a lifetime. What lucky grandchildren you have. Thinking of you.

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