Operating Manual

When it was time to transition you two children from my house back to Daddy’s, we only had to move you next door. He had a new baby and a  girlfriend, for awhile, his wife. It was traumatic for all of us. Traumatic means that it was an emotionally charged time and we all were uncomfortable. We had to change a lot of things about our daily life. That’s hard to do.

I kept my tongue in my cheek as I wrote this operating manual, hoping it would be seen as funny, looked at, read by your dad and temporary step-mom. I couldn’t begin to write everything I had to say. I had already begun to feel the loss of you and your sister, my little buddies.

I just discovered this again this morning… I try not to give advice, people do not appreciate it. This is not very well-disguised is it? Enjoy a very serious message wrapped like a refurbished vehicle manual! gma

Operating Instructions copy

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