Dance and Play

It’s so cold today in Billings.  The newscast reported wind, snow and -15 degrees.  Stay inside today.  Don’t go out to play. The park will still be there another day. Dance in the living room, jump off the couch, climb the backs of chairs and scoop dry beans in big tablespoons, pouring them into plastic cups of different sizes.  Dig your hands into the bucket and listen as the beans rain down.  That’s how it sounds in Bonny Doon today.  It’s raining.  Not too cold but we are in the clouds up here so it looks foggy.  The orange tractor glows hotly through the mist.  The rain rinses the mud from the tread of its big knobby tires.  You’d have liked helping me smooth out the new gravel near Grandpa’s shop.  Shelby and Geoff brought the dump truck two times and carefully driving very slowly, slipped past the shop, back by the hoop shed where the Echo Lake boat is parked. The back up beepers sounded like this: beep-beep-beep-beep.  Three of Geoff’s lug nut covers scraped off when he got too close to the retaining wall. Shelby waved and Metro had to get out of the way. We had to shout at him like this: “Move Metro. Move!” Geoff dumped two loads of small rocks called gravel and after he left I drove over the piles and used the tractor scoop to smooth them out.  Your feet will be noisy when you run back to play in the boat.  Maybe you’ll stop and sit down in the gravel and play.  I know that’s what you would do.  You are a sensory learner.  You organize your mind that way.  You dig, scoop and think.

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