Happy Birthday, buddy

Today is your birthday, little buddy.  Happy, Happy Day.  Grandpa and I sent you a present.  I was so mixed up after you left that I forgot to wrap the presents.  Sorry.  You’d have fun tearing off the paper.  The tearing sound is part of birthdays. Maybe your mommy will do it. We sent your sister a present, too. Her birthday is far, far away. We sent some snuggly warm things so you will both stay cozy and warm.  She’s tiny and a little too skinny, I think. I like our babies a bit chubby. Never let her cry long.  She uses her cry to say I need food, hugs, to play. Because she can’t talk yet. Try all three, okay? Food, snuggles and pat-a-cake. Make your silly faces and sing some songs.  I hope your mommy sends us pictures of your birthday party.  And that you get some yummy cake.  Blow out your candles and make a wish. Kisses to you and your daddy and mom.  They made a pretty wonderful little person…YOU. I say to them on your birthday- Thank you. You are no longer 1. You are no longer 2. Today you are 3!

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