Merry Christmas.  It was too quiet here today.  Just us old folks until AJ showed up and told us funny stories and brought energy from the city where he lives; San Francisco.  I am taking him back up there this morning.  He has to go to work.  Grandpa and I are going to a play starring an actor that your daddy worked with when he was a stage hand at the college.  His name is Joseph Ribiero.  Today he’ll be Scrooge.  Someday we will take you to plays and musicals.

Grammie had us over for dinner yesterday.  Her little place was all decorated with lights and Christmas doo-dads.  The kitties hid under the beds the whole time we were there. Georgia and Metro sniffed all over us when we got home.  They knew we’d been around kitties, even though we never touched them.  I was happy to hear your voice for a few minutes yesterday.  It sounded busy there at your place.  I hope you got a few moments to talk to yourself and roll your new truck around.  It was nice of the Toys for Tots people to bring you the truck.  It made me a little sad to think of you as a recipient of a donation.  I know it was a nice thing for you, so of course I am happy, too. Your mommy said that you wouldn’t put the truck down even at dinner.  It was heavy, I bet; made of metal, a big yellow dump truck.  Maybe its just like the one I got you that your mommy and daddy left in the sandbox here at your other little house.  I put it in out of the rain. It’s there with the other sand toys parked in the little barn that Jim built out of our old pump house wood.  Shelby sometimes plays in it.  She rides the pony over and she and her mommy dig for a while.  I told them you would think that was fine.

I have to hurry today, and I sure wanted to talk to you more yesterday, to hear about your day, your gifts and if you got the ham I sent for dinner, but it was so loud.  I heard your mommy say that Grandma had to use the phone.  When you cried, I did too. You weren’t quite ready to hang up, and I was sad because I am Grandma. I know you have two Grandma’s but couldn’t she choose another grandma name?  I knew you first.  She hadn’t even hung out with you until last month.  I know I sound unkind.  You can call me,  Grandma-one, if you want, or maybe Grandma Brown, like your cousins in Boulder do.  I hadn’t planned on losing my name.  I hadn’t planned on losing you.  Oh, dear, there are just so many hard things about you moving to Montana.  I’m a little bit sad right now, but I know AJ will cheer me up.  See you in 21 more days, little buddy! When we will laugh and play.

PS. Bring your truck and while you fill it then back up to dump it, I’ll say, beep-beep-beep for you. Soon-O   Love, gmabrown

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  1. It is wonderful that you and Orien can talk on the phone together, but so unsatisfying because you are not touching and seeing each other. I am glad that Orien is old enough that you two can talk together. I hope the little family moves back soon so Ellie can get to know her grandma better.

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