I’m in a meeting eating dry cereal and drinking coffee while people are talking I see you pulling your rolly cart along the linoleum floor in the airport, daddy putting it in the stow-away, strapping you in….then I say, “I want to share several considerations…” And daddy says, here we go.  He’s very nervous and you are excited and now a bit nervous because daddy is. Grandpa left really early from Washington D.C. He’s flying and you’re flying.  I’m at a meeting. “Maybe we have regions that align with…” I hope you ate breakfast and daddy remembers not to leave the concourse.  Stays in the security ck in zone.  Don’t ride the fast trains in the Denver airport.  Stay at the United area. Hello, I say to your daddy, he is confused about where grandpa will arrive.  Your daddy needs help to find the monitor, its called Arrivals, daddy, find Dulles-“its alphabetically organized, find the “D” words”.  He finds two that say Dulles and says he sees an empty airplane.  Don’t worry, daddy.  Hold his sticky hand. 10:30 arrival-it hasn’t come yet. What time zone does it arrive? Ask the person at the counter if it will be on time. These are all good questions for someone who doesn’t fly; navigate the big busy world.  I hope you see daddy relax on this little adventure.  “The business model may not represent our working styles…” Have fun on the moving sidewalks.

Here comes Grandpa. Bye daddy.  I hear daddy on the phone tell me that you left with your grandpa.  Now I can breathe. “This Council dissolves barriers between the two higher ed segments and….”

I land back in my seat in the cool meeting room that smells like coffee as you take off with Grandpa.  See you in a few hours, buddy. gma

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  1. Orien, you are so very lucky. Every child deserves to have adults who love them and care so much like your gram and grandpa and mommy and daddy. Yea to your daddy. He got you and granpa hooked up. Gram is waiting for you. Fly safely. You are in our hearts. Your friends in Sacramento with gram are so happy.

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