Tomorrow, buddy

I am working in Sacramento today.  Remember the long drive to the mountains, past the windmills, the big water tank that you said looks like a baby rattle, past the stinky cows, over bridges and all those antennas that you and grandpa love talking about? I drove there a few days ago and will turn around and come back tomorrow to come home to see you. Grandpa will strap you into the carseat in his big truck at the airport.  He forgot to take it with him so I stopped at the airport and put it in the truck , so you can sit up high on your way home.  It was a little funky.  The spots along one side made me remember when Kalen threw up on the way to the airport last month and another time that you dropped an ice cream cone into your lap.  I’m glad I didn’t clean it up.  I like thinking about that ice cream day on the way to Echo Lake. (not the throw-up day). Maybe grandpa will get you some snacks for the road, too.

When you go up, up, up into the trees, like we did through your babyhood, you are going to have your eyes filled with green.  I know what its like after going to Boulder or that time in Billings, I notice how special the many trees are where we live.  Fill your eyes with lush beauty.  It may be rainy, but we have a raincoat and boots. We’ll do a rain walk with the dogs.  Georgia looks funny with wet, floppy hair.

Whew, do you hear how I am rambling all over the place?  I am so excited about your visit.  Breathe, grandma.   Yes just one more day.  Tell your mommy to tell you about the trip.  Say, “Please tell me today!” I want to think about you with pictures inside your head, behind your eyes- Bonny Doon, doggies, horses, toys, cooking lessons, hiking and snuggles with grandma and grandpa- and a little peace for yourself.

Okay, buddy, see you tomorrow! gma

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