Consider staying on?

Only one handful of days to go-five more days until you arrive with Grandpa. He’s working on the east coast this week and will meet you at the Denver airport. Daddy will fly with you from Billings.  I will be waiting for you.  I made the bed, put some fresh clothes in the dresser, put a pair of shoes on the floor and laid your blankie on the pillow.  I will dust the toy shelves, get some juice and a gallon of milk.  And we’re set.  You are not our guest, but like your daddy, AJ and the other boys (men, now) you are family; coming back home.

This week your daddy found the webcam that I sent for you to SKYPE with Grandpa and me.  Your Billings Grandma was certain that I wanted to spy on her and hid it away.  Daddy got it back and set it up in your bedroom.  Wasn’t it fun to see the dogs, your toys and Grandpa eating his weanie and pickle sandwich?   I loved seeing you.  Thanks for trying to give me a bite of your apple.  I had to get one, too- it looked so delicious. Then we pretended to eat each others’ apples and put our teethy faces right up to the camera.  We are sillie-nillies.

On Right-hand pinky day you will get up early and go to the airport with your daddy. I hope the weather is sunny. Yesterday Shelby was out in the meadow with her mommy and her mini horse grazing. (only the horse was grazing) Shelby took all her clothes off in the sun.  I hope you can get sunned when you are here.  You need the air and freedom to move. You know what?  I am not going to want to send you back. I’ll want you to stay a bit. I have had this idea for a long time, and wonder if your mom and dad will let you stay until they get settled.  I asked before-(when you moved)-but your mommy said no because she thinks its bad for a mommy to give her child away even for awhile.

I wonder if your mommy knows that my mommy asked her own aunt, my great aunt Mildred, to take me for awhile until she got settled back in 1950?  I think I am okay for it.  Probably my mommy’s idea was a good one, and maybe I wouldn’t be so fine if I had stayed while she was trying to figure things out.  Those times can really confuse and worry children. She knew our aunt would take good care of me.  And I think she did.  I feel loved and secure from those early days.

Auntie Robin and I had fun choosing the shirts, pants, sox and jammies for you.  I took off all the tags and labels so you wouldn’t get itchy and folded them and put them into the small set of drawers in the brass bed room.  Maybe you can keep your things in there, and sleep there too, if you’d like.  We’ll try it.  Uncle AJ lost his job, so he may be visiting, too.

Okay, buddy, I’ll see you on Saturday.  I sure hope your mommy told you that you are having a vacation.  But if she didn’t (she told me not to tell you), maybe she’ll tell you soon.  She needed to be the one to give you the trip, and decide when and maybe doesn’t want your eagerness to make life a little hard with you asking and asking.  That’s okay.  She’s probably right.

Saturday is right hand pinky day! See you then. Love,gma

Thoughtful consideration.

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