Call when you have teeth

They pulled four of mommy’s teeth today, two last month and three when she was here in SC.  How many teeth does mommy have left?  She can’t come back with no teeth.  She’d have to get a job and no one hires toothless mommies.  Really. I hope you still have a few teeth.  They took so long to come in-those tiny little saw edged things. We tickled your toofers everyday when you were here.  Do you still do that?  Brush your teeth with that little song? Maybe you do nothing like before.  Maybe that’s why you wake up every night at 2 am. You play and what else? What do you need, buddy?

Mommy told me she thinks you have mental problems.  That’s what she said.  She says you don’t know when to stop eating and that you wake up to look for food.  I get a stomach ache thinking about the stresses around food and that waking up stuff.  It is something to figure out, that’s for sure. You ate half of your vitamins, daddy’s tums and drank soda again. Maybe they could put that stuff away. How old are you again?  And your mommy?

I wonder what it will be like here.  Maybe you have some kind of OCD like your mommy’s hoarding and ADD. Maybe your issues stem from food deprivation.  Now I feel nutty.  You are only three.  Tell your mommy to get some new teeth on that dang medicaid and get back here.  I can’t take care so far away.

I saw a calf once calling to her mommy and the mommy bawling for her calf in another pasture.  The sound was painful, loud and haunting.  I’m that mommy cow tonight.  “We didn’t want you to know how bad it is.  He’s got some issues,” your mommy told me.  Get some teeth, I thought.

Hey, by the way, what happened to daddy?  Does he still have any teeth?   Pacing gma

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