The same as before

Clearing my calendar for your visit.  That means that I will be ready for you, to watch you dig through the baskets on my toy shelves and set up play scenes; horses in the barn, the chickens and ducks, mommy and baby cow and the kids in the dollhouse.  We’ll have a tea party, take a hike or two (or five) and visit your grandpa at his office.  We’ll just hang out.  That seems just right, but for some reason, just for a minute, grandpa and I tried to think of something really fun, a trip to someplace warm, a vacation for you.  We were thinking of us not enough about you.  Why do we do that?  Silly.  I really get how daddies become Disneyland fathers.  It’s tempting to make a special time better.  Well, we caught ourselves.

So instead, we’ll go to the store, visit Shelby next door, see your other grandpa, great grandmas and auntie.  We’ll eat and sing, walk and paint and draw and dance and play. We’ll sleep and read stories.  We’ll watch grandpa make pancakes, stir the mix and drop in the blueberries. We’ll make tea each day.  We’ll talk and snuggle.  I am a good grandma.  The  hard part will be saying bye and taking you back.  Let’s make a book about your visit, for you,  your sister, mommy and daddy.  They can read about our visit.  You can share it when you want.

The count down starts in 10 days!  Whoopee. Get your hands ready.  gma

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