Planning for Tomorrow

Grandpa just drove off with the Echo Lake boat.  It needs to be serviced to get ready for a summer of driving across the lake.  Summer is just around the corner (Maybe the same corner that Frog and Toad took a peek and couldn’t see a thing). But now the boat house here (hoop garage that you used to play in) is nearly empty.  Geoff, the neighbor, can move in the pea gravel floor in so that we can set up water pipes, tub and shower curtains for our tent city.  We’ll do that when you and daddy get here.  The sleeping tent is in two big boxes in our garage.  The sink is outside your old house and will be used in our house’s old counter if we can get it out in one piece.  You can have our old stove for the mess tent (haven’t found that tent yet) and the sink from the bathroom for hand washing.  The tent city (sleeping, mess tent and bath storage) will get a start this week and probably take a couple of weeks to finish.  You’ll get to see it constructed.  Maybe you can help scoop gravel, ride on the tractor as I smooth it all out and paint some plywood!

All of this a little too exciting for my stomach this morning. So I am drinking your tea.  Ahhhh.  Want a cup?  I will go to the store today to find a ladder for you to get to the loft bed and also get you some food.  I will get cheese for daddy, beer and dinner and toastie O’s, bananas, yogurt that’s not as sour as mine and some more peanut butter. You like ham, so I’ll get some sandwich meat and daddy likes quesadillas, so we’ll be all set.  Tomorrow is daddy’s birthday.  Remember to make him a picture or give him special kisses and attention. You’ll have plenty of time hanging out all day on the flights and at Logan and Seattle airports.  You won’t see sissy for a bit, so I hope Daddy sets up the SKYPE so mommy and sissy can talk to you while you are here. I’d better get back to work making the beds for you and daddy and a few other things.  Love you, buddy.  See you tomorrow!  YES…TOMORROW. gma

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