Only a Handful of Days

Only one more hand of fingers to count until I pick you up at the airport on Tuesday.  You and daddy will be flying all afternoon and arrive here about dinnertime.  He wanted to bring Pogo the kitty.  I asked him not to. It might be nice for you, but Pogo cannot live in our house, Georgia eats kitties and outside Pogo would be eaten by coyotes. I am sorry, buddy. We’ll go out and eat dinner when you guys arrive.  It will be daddy’s birthday. We’ll sing for him and he will blow candles.  He will be very happy to be back in Santa Cruz.  He said he packed 5 suitcases.  We should have flown on Southwest air, the first one is free.  Then he said that Tommy is coming for a visit the very next day.  Can’t he bring a suitcase or two? Five suitcases is 15 pus 30 plus 45 for each of you. That’s $180 for suitcases.  Yikes!  Silly daddy.  No way.

Today I painted a cabinet in the pantry.  I wanted it to be green, but the green paint I bought was too shiny, so I added a layer of glazed mixed aqua, now it looks better, but it took all day.  I wanted to do other things too.  Like clean out some kitchen cupboards. The cabinet is the white one that was very dirty and sat in the kitchen at your old house.  Its in the laundry porch now and will be the pantry shelf. That room is still messy but my-o-my you should see the kitchen! (pic)

I made a book about the garden today and wanted to share it with you, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.  On Tuesday morning, the kitchen sink will spout water.  The stove works today and the refrigerator still is over at my house.  We are getting close!  I think you will sleep here for a few days, daddy can help me move stuff and we’ll sleep in the the new old house on Friday.  In one week.  Its going to be very nice to get settled again.  But it may be hard to find all the things we need…your toys, books and jammies….those things are in a box for you.  You can help move them.  And your toothbrush, too.  I’m tired tonight.  Ready to sit and relax.  Maybe I’ll call you.  Okay.  Talk soon.  Then off to Sacramento for work for two days. Love gma

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