Grown up things

Every so often I realize that I am a grown-up.  I mean I really know that what I am doing is what mature, responsible grown-ups do.  Like tonight as I am tired and ready for bed, I am thinking about tomorrow and what I need to do.  That’s a grown-up thing to do.  Plan for the next day.  I am trying to figure out how to plan for our move over to the new old house.  And maybe we sleep over there Tuesday night when you arrive.  Or maybe not?

It’s been a thought of mine for sometime that we will be moving over there by the end of the month.  Grandpa was never sure.  I got very sure when I heard you wanted to come and I planned the trip.  You will be here Tuesday evening.  Should we all be ready to sleep in your new old house? If we do; then here’s what I have to do…

Get the refrigerator cleaned and moved, the stove retrofitted for propane and turned on, the heater going, all the lights working and safety covers on them, the water working in bathroom and kitchen, the hot water heater moved over and hooked up, the sink removed and put in over there in the kitchen and the food, too.  Then we have to finish your loft area, move the beds, sheets and clothes dressers.  We’d have to have coffee, toast and oatmeal in the morning and some yogurt.  Then we could go back to Grandpa and Grandma’s old house and move more things.

Oh my gosh.  That’s just the beginning.  Such grown-up concerns, right?  I’ll have to think about all of this in the morning.  maybe talk it over with grandpa.  We’ll make it good for you buddy.  We will.  I love you, gma.

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