Daddy and Mommy said they are going to stop smoking by May 15.  That is a good idea. They will feel better and you will probably think it is yucky to smoke cigarettes if they stop now.  Its a habit.  A habit is something we do without even deciding.  We just do it because we do, but with some habits, we can’t really stop very easily.  Like smoking.  They tried to stop before.  But you can help.  Tell them you are proud of them, that you want them to live to see your children, that smoking is for chimneys and they are NOT chimneys.

Mommy and Daddy are starting to plan the details of your family’s move.  It sounds like mommy is happy with the plans.  I haven’t talked to you or daddy yet about her ideas. But I can tell you that you and daddy will fly out here on April 20 on Alaska Airlines. You will play while daddy works; setting up your tent home, looking for a job and helping around here. Then he will go back to Montana.  Mommy says she needs a break from daddy and he does too.  It will be his birthday present, she says.  So let’s do our count-down….12 more days!!!!  Right hand pinky day again.  WOW.  That’s pretty soon.  Pack up all your clothes and put them in the biggest suitcase you can find.  I have to get to work here to be ready for you!

Today I am living without. (As if!)  I am learning to live with less.  Many things are up in the garage storage.  That’s the good stuff.  But the hard part is that the light fixtures are missing here- Jim pulled them off and the dishwasher got carted off yesterday.  We are harvesting from this house for the new old house.  So now its a little weird (even though when we move it will be great).  Metro sniffs around inside the cabinet slot where the dishwasher used to sit.  He looks funny sitting under there staring out. He is maybe asking; What happened?  Why didn’t I notice this cool place before now?  And at night the living room is darker.  We removed two wall sconces and took them over there.  We will take the refrigerator, washer, dryer, cabinets for the laundry porch and some of the best carpet for your sleeping loft.  I’d like to be done with all this by the time you get here so you can sleep over there.  We’ll see.  The closet has no light fixture and some of the things like electric sockets are going, too.  Its an organ transplant.  And we wouldn’t want them to get sent off to the dump with this old broken house.

Another thing that I have been planning is your tent house.  I am going to harvest “organs” for that, too. I ordered the tent today.  It will need a stove (ours) and a tub and sink (ours) and a kitchen sink (your old new house) and a countertop and cupboards (ours) Beds (ours) and couch (Grandpa’s) and chairs (ours).  Your daddy will choose what he wants and set it up.  You could use our woodstove, too.  This tent has a stove-flap.  We’ll put it down by the shop so you guys have privacy.  I haven’t gotten the toilet, yet.  I wonder if Grandpa bid on the one at Ebay. I bet we missed it.  Can you be a kitty cat and scoop out a little potty hole and cover it up?  NO.  Can you be a horsie and drop poo as you walk?  NO.  Can you poo in diaper like Liza?  NO.  Okay, I’ll figure something out.  Daddy will help.

Gotta go out to dinner-save water and me washing dishes.  Talk soon buddy, gma

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