Just can’t wait

I understand that your mom and dad are ready to come back here right now.  They are getting ready to move with no job, no place to live, and accept my offer of child care. I am very eager to see you and rushing like a maniac to clean out the closets and cupboards to move out of here and get into your new old house.  I need about three weeks with work, travel and meetings.  I need to give Jim time to finish and set up a bed for your daddy in my storage area above the garage.  It’s not good for a baby.  It’s chilly and has no water.  Lights and a bed.  It’s supposed to be uncomfortable, so he sets up the family dwelling.  I’m being vague about your home-to-be.  I looked for a Yurt; no luck.  I found a tent, a bit small, so adding another tent, makes a nice two room place to live.  It has a floor, for a bug free sleep.  A real bed for each of you, a stove and a sink, a wood stove and a potty area that explodes your poo into flame.  Its called an incinolet.  Mommy will have to watch you closely near that!  I floated the idea by them. Maybe. They seem up to the adventure! We’ll see.

I can come get you on Saturday, the 17th.  Does that work for you and daddy?  Daddy will stay until he goes through all your things and chooses what to bring in the car.  Then he drives out here and looks for work, sets up the tent village and goes to get mommy.  (Unless he gets a job from Montana and has one when he gets here).  A lot for your parents, too much?

Would you bring your train?  We can set it up and play with it.  Okay?  Well, here I go into the pantry shelves.  How many jars of almond butter does a person really need? Bye Buddy, gma

One thought on “Just can’t wait

  1. Wish i could volunteer to help. But can’t and besides, I would just probably move some of your collections over to my house! I sincerely hope these two lost ones realize now how much a difference having someone one who cares about them makes. I know those two beautiful children will have such a better chance to grow into great people with their Bonny Doon Grandma and Grandpa with them. I look forward to helping you in the summer taking care of them.

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