I am sitting on the queen bed next to you in the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno.  I asked you to rest a few minutes while Grandpa hangs out at the fairgrounds event center here in Reno where cowboys and their horses and a herd of small cows are demonstrating traditional vaquero roping for ranch work.  You and I get out fill of this more quickly than Grandpa does. Your daddy has his first day of work today at a Quincenera celebration at the fairgrounds in Watsonville.  I slept just a few hours last night in between the sharp toenails and paddling feet in my ribs.  You are a sideways sleeper, did you know that?  In Sacramento you seemed more tired or something and lay straight and on your own side of the bed both nights in that hotel room.  I’m ready to go home aren’t you? Daddy says he’s feeding the horses and dogs, but I wonder if they are getting their walks.

Today we knew how to find the bleacher climbing cowboy kids in the arena so you could play.  You chased, shared popcorn and climbed on the metal rails.  The best part was watching you do what the bigger kids were doing; climbing, hanging and running together.  You wore the flat-topped straw Vaquero style cowboy hat  that Grandpa got you and looked like all the other kids.  Some of them were from Montana.

I heard from mommy that she is going to the doctor in Montana to get up to date care because it may take a while to get medical insurance here from daddy’s job. Mommy sold some of the furniture and got a little money for the trip out.  It may be a few weeks until Daddy is really ready to get them.  The tent will take a while to get set up with daddy working.  He hasn’t had any time for days now to work on it.  We’ll go home tomorrow and get him working on it again.  I hope it isn’t snowing on Donner Pass like it was on the way here.  It was cold and slippery each time you needed to stop and pee.  Take a nap, buddy.  love gma

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