Party weekend

It turns out that your daddy doesn’t really have a job.  I know because he hasn’t gone to work one time since he told us about the job.  Thing is…he has two badges and patched security guard shirts hanging near the bed.  I had decided not to ask Daddy anything about the job unless he brought it up.  He seemed happy but now is confused.  I asked him to borrow Grandma Jo’s car so I could have mine when he went to work.  He has the big Lincoln here, but it sits,  No money for gas and no job, I guess.  Today I finally asked.  He does not know why he hasn’t been called.  I wonder if he got mixed up.  Maybe he forgot to do something or misunderstood.  Why did they give him a shirt?

Today we are looking for something for Daddy to do with you so I can get the last things out of my office at the old house and move a small office upstairs above the garage.  Its raining this morning.  Snowing again in the Sierras.  Jim and Nathan might come to work on the deck or not.  Jim made a cool wall of our old doors for your tent house.  The tent can’t go up until we get the hoop arranged with the tub, sink, stove and refrigerator behind these doors.We’ll hang some “skeeter screen” around the doors and add a fan for hot days.  Your sleeping tent will be on the place that Georgia is standing.

We had parties this weekend.  We went next door to Cal’s wedding party, to Auntie Robin’s for Mother’s Day brunch and AJ and Daddy made dinner last night for us to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Now we are back to regular play, work and eating.  All the activity seems to stimulate you to run in circles. AJ wasn’t prepared for your interaction during dinner.  He wanted all of my attention.  It was funny to watch.  He finally said, “She’s my mommy and I don’t live here to talk to her all the time like you.  Its my turn.” Hahaha He’s here each weekend for three weeks while he takes a course at UCSC to get his ESL certificates.  He’s thoroughly enjoying being back in school and looking forward to going back to Brazil and teaching.  When he said “I have to develop a lesson plan for kids.  It has to include a warm-ups, use multiple modalities and be age-specific.” I was thrilled to hear him plan and think and saw him as a fine teacher someday.  His preference is to work with adults (for now).

Okay, buddy.  You and daddy have to get going. Me too.  Clean, clean, clean. While you play, play, play.  Gma

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