So many changes

Your mommy and Liza will be here on Sunday.  I sent mommy a ticket after she told me what a hard time she is having at the trailer with her mom and family.  Her feelings are hurt, she’s confused and needs to see you and daddy.  The good thing is that your daddy has a job, the tent will be done and he had an appointment with a doctor. Daddy promised to make no more babies. But the doctor will help him keep that promise. I agreed to pay for it when he found out that he also has a hernia that needs immediate attention.  Oh, dear. And oh, goodie.

So, little guy, more changes coming.  So many changes in such a short time.  I am so happy you play out all your questions.  Three’s a good age for changes I think. You will be happy to have Mommy back and to see your sister, but it may be hard to go sleep in the tent after having slept here with me and Grandpa for nearly two months.  We’ll help you figure it out.  Today I watched you lay down on the floor of the tent, pretend to snore-sleep and get up and run around again.  You repeated this with silliness over and over. I asked you where Liza’s crib should go and you had some good ideas. Today Jim set up the kitchen counter, Nathan put in the stove and they moved the tent stakes and ropes higher up into the trees.  I’ll take a picture soon.  I’m too tired to walk out there tonight.  But I know that my friends will be pleased to see it come together.

Getting ideas is rewarding, but then when the plan actually happens; oh my, Joy!  A tent for sleeping and living and a kitchen and bath in the old hoop garage. Cool, really cool.  Our old tile counter is in your hoop kitchen, the wood stove in your tent, the bathtub, your bathtub, is in the hoop and the sink too.  And the couch from Grandma Brown in Oregon is in the tent along with AJ and Daddy’s old toy cabinets.  You are using so many things your daddy and you used to use.  Also, we are recycling other things… there are lots of windows in the old house that Jim is taking for a friend’s greenhouse, and the toilets and the cabinets.

Next week the porta-potty arrives, the telephone line gets set up and your family will settle in down near the shop.  The old road is providing the perfect place for your tent home.  This seems pretty fine to me.  Pretty fine. I hope Mommy likes it. Liza, too.  Daddy and Mommy will do laundry over here, but everything else should be set up in the tent.  I don’t think I forgot anything.  Did I? Oh, yes, I did.  Today is Grandpa’s birthday.  OOPS.  You know how I found out?  Uncle Dean sent us a funny card with Grandpa dancing in someone else’s body.  Thank you Uncle Dean!  Thank you.  Better pay some attention to Grandpa. Okay, buddy?  love, gma

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  1. So great that little Ellie will be with you now. She will blossom with your care and attention. Hope the rain is not holding things up. And more good news–no more babies for that little family. I am sure several of us would have contributed to the procedure 🙂 It will be great to see everyone sometime this summer–maybe a pool party at my house once it gets warmer.

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