Relaxed Play

Our house is a wonderful place to play.  Feels more open, soft and slippery on your hands and feet. You spent all day in the sandbox, I raked it and got it ready for you.  We watered the lawn, making waterfalls over sticks and rocks, filled the blue pool and you made the slide into a water slide for your play figures to surf down onto the ground and you laughed.  And Liza she explored, the smooth wooden floors, the silky dog ears, the fluffy poodle tail and sand that sticks to your wet fingers, bottom and grinds between two front teeth, uppers and lowers and feels soooo good.

We smelled a foul; smell under the climber and discovered a tentacled pink fungus growing there.  Flies loved it!

One thought on “Relaxed Play

  1. We had this fungus at our house a few years ago, looks like something from a planet far, far away. I took it to our college horticulturalist, and she couldn’t identify it. Very interesting…

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