Alone with the babies

Rock, rock, rock, rock.  Swing, swing, swing swing. Roll, roll, roll, roll.  Whew.  I need a crib for Liza.  After and hour in the stroller, then the porch swing, the rocking chair, swing again then finally the stroller in the kitchen, back and forth, round and around.  I nearly fell asleep on my feet.  You were in the bed reading books, got up to poop, drink water, read some more and then asked me to lie down next to you.  You fell to sleep in three minutes.  It shouldn’t be hard, just need to find the right sequence and …We need  crib for sissy.

Daddy flew (he got help with paying for the flight) to Montana yesterday and driving your old silver car back home here.  Its full of your things.  But mommy didn’t pack the computer or Liza’s crib.  So the porta crib stays in the tent and I have to find some kind of bed here for her.  You suggested that I throw her up on the loft.  Then added, “very carefully.” I thought not. She is a light sleeper.  The phone rings and she’s awake, the dog coughs, taps his feet.  Not you, you sleep through anything when you are tired.

Mommy went to town on the bus.  She was pacing like a caged cat.  We had a conversation about what she pictured herself doing in town and backed off when I sensed her desperation a stopped expecting her to decide.  She left at noon and plans to return by five or six she said.  Its a delight to be with you little ones.  I have to admit that I am a little overwhelmed.  Part of it is that I had wanted to garden with Salvador today.  I can only manage taking care of the two of you when you are here.  Nothing else.  You know, I love spending time like this in play, pacing our day together.  Its mostly fun, but also exasperating, challenging, delightful, satisfying. Funny I just thought of something like an ad…you are an investment in the future.  Today its the whole day.  Time is precious.  Daddy won’t be home until Saturday.  Montana is closed now, you tell me.  The food stamps are gone too.  Okay.  That was in the snippets of conversation that you mumble as you fall asleep. Close the door so the rats don’t get in, you warn.   Camping life is like that.  Sleep now little ones. No rats in here. Loving you, gma

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