Sing and Play

I am here this week alone. Well, almost.  I spend a few or many, many hours with you and sissy each day.  Sometimes just you.  Yesterday you went with mommy and daddy to town.  Grammie was waiting for you and excited about seeing you and your sister.  She waited and waited. You never showed up. Grammie was sad and a little mad.  Mommy forgot Liza’s bottle and diapers and had to return home.  She didn’t tell Grammie. I guess visiting didn’t fit into their schedule. It’s important to be ready.  Ready for whatever you are doing.  If you are going to be gone awhile, take a snack.  If your snack is sticky, take a washcloth, if you need a wet washcloth, take some water. If you might potty in your pants, take extra undies and pants.  I want you to be thoughtful about your family’s feelings, too.  Kindness feels good. It comes from caring about others; their feelings and needs. It feels good to work to understand the people you love and be willing to do things for them.  It was a good idea to think about visiting Grammie.  She loves you guys.  Please visit her next time you go to town.  Let her meet you at the park or take Liza for a walk. Be thoughtful.  Maybe you can remind mommy and daddy to be prepared.

You told me that you don’t have proper shoes.  Proper shoes for what?  for a hike, you tell me.  Yes I see that you are wearing your crocs.  Me too.  We’d need to go home and get our closed-toed shoes.  Proper shoes, you say. You say what I say.  I’d better watch my language choices.  You are quite interested and cued into sound.  Intonation and accents are reproduced with ease.  Your daddy is very auditory, too.  Your singing has increased in frequency and your sense of melody is quite accurate. Carol King’s chicken soup with rice and Vicki’s Singing in the Bathtub are this week’s favorites. I have to get you a source of music here for you to use on your own.  I got Mommy and Daddy’s house a lullaby player when you used to live here.  I wonder if you still have it.  I won’t ask, because I asked about too many things and each time your mommy said “no” she seemed sad.

Your play is full of construction.  You call the “exagator” a “Snort” from the book, “Are you my mother?”  You make yourself laugh every time you say it.

You scoot the small trucks, tractors and dozers around in the sand scooping away the old house.  Getting ready to build a new one.  I’ll have to bring our your blocks when the construction begins in a few weeks.  Grandpa is going to build you a workbench in the shop.  You and Liza (when she’s big enough) can build things while grandpa works. He likes to talk about that with you, doesn’t he?

Forget what I said about being ready, thoughtful and all.  Just play, buddy.  Just play with sissy and enjoy. Gma

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