“The eggs ‘sploded out of the pot, Grandma.  They gotted all over the floor.  They hopping out and again and again.” What would I do without my three year old little buddy? I forgot the hard boiled eggs on the stove.  Well, to be more accurate I didn’t hear the timer go off.  Actually, it didn’t beep because you, my little curious buddy, twisted it to go off a few minutes from an hour. We’ll have peanut butter and jam for lunch, okay? Then you asked me why “the apple juice is beer now”and I knew it had gone off and was undrinkable, pouring it down the sink.  You heard a truck and I said no its an airplane and in fact, it was a truck delivery waiting at the old house and just about ready to leave.  Thanks, buddy.  How come, you asked, that poo is following Metro? Yuk.  He indeed had a dangler hanging from his rear section in the living room! Close to the floor, heightened senses, and keenly aware.  I need you, my little preschooler.  All of us old folks should have at least one!

Tonight you drew a few figures with eyes, mouths arms and legs.  One of them developed slanted eyes, down-turned mouth and a red wiggle looked like and angry line.  You called the face scary Dale from Billings.  You said I gonna put him in a cage.  You pressed fat lines across his face, several of them.  He still showed. You got up from the table, stomping your foot.  We don’t like angry guys here.  You shouted.  Thick blue masking tape in chunky strips placed over the face did the trick. He was entirely covered; gone. Bad guys are gone now.  We don’t like Dale.  We poo on him. And you laughed with relief. Me, too. Daddy says he never knew a Dale in Billings.  Hmmm.  I think you did.

Today my neighbor was quite upset with my plan to get our road gate set up on the driveway during the house construction.  We talked about it but today when we started working on it, she called and ranted. She could not bear it.  She was sick with worry about her privacy and unwilling to consider other options or even discuss what might work better for her.  I had to ask her not to talk to me about it anymore until Grandpa comes home. She really loses it on territorial issues.  We need to use the gate, and will consider moving it, but she says no.  I think we are really in a fix.  Yep, we don’t want to go back to the barn permit stress.  Where’s the blue tape?  Bring it here, buddy.  I need it. Right now! gma

One thought on “Grateful

  1. Nantz,
    Orien is such a great little guy. He is so aware of so much and is already so articulate. You have done so much and he will always know what you did for him.
    Just think about all those kids you have been with and how you changed their lives.
    It’s more than you’ll ever know. That’s what you’ve done for me. I don’t know how I would be if it weren’t for you. You touch more lives by being who you are with your warm and generous way.

    I love you,

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