Just catching up

You’re part of my daily life.  I see you each day.  You spent the night last night and I took you to school.  You seem to love our car rides and singing down the road with me.  Yesterday you told me, This is just delicious.  What are you eating I asked.  Boogies, you said.  Eeewwww.  I moaned.  You crooned with delight, I love to eat them.  They are salty and good.  Maybe we should stop for a snack, buddy.  Okay.  You agreed.  But first we went to the local “whale museum” to watch the active bee hive and see the stuffed animals on display. The kids there were mostly older.  You watched them interact, studying them. I seen so many golden eagles in my life, one said, it’s just amazing.  You walked up to the eagle on display and asked the boy if it was a golden eagle.  He was so happy to tell you all the facts he’d collected.  In the car later you told me those facts, ending each with, “its amazing”.  And in the store flew around with your talons out-stretched looking for things to grab.  Golden eagles in Bonny Doon only eat ice cream, you told me.  Hmmm. Better than boogies.

You and your mommy have to work so hard with each other.  She says you hurt her feelings and you say she got too mad at you.  After I ask you to put the plum back on the counter because its dinner time, you stand stiffly mimicking her movements and expression. Your index finger points at me and you say, Hey! really fiercely. It’s so easy for children to pull out our own child within.  For mommy, that child isn’t really buried.

Liza is cranky with teething and mommy tells me what she’s trying with her.  She tosses back her head and protests.  She flips out of our arms.  She is very happy and laughs or very mad and growls.  She clearly has a stronger reaction to things and is capable of strong expressions of her feelings. Mommy is working hard to be a good mommy.  Some days are shitty and others, well, they are actually quite fun. They seem to be keeping the hoop clean and the tent picked up.  There are mice, but of course, with new smells in their woods and ease of entry.  They’ll just have to be managed.

You and your family are out of food, fuel and the car needs servicing.  The appointment for help foodstamps, medi-cal, etc, was delayed because your daddy couldn’t find some paperwork.  Now he found it.  I told them to tell the office social worker that it is an emergency. I think it is. Mommy and daddy need to get jobs right away.  I will watch you here while they go to unemployment.  But they don’t want to yet.  Daddy likes his job but its only two days a week. Mommy is studying to get her license to drive.  That’s a good thing. (I hope)

Next week early head start services start for Liza and mom.  But mom has to make contact with the office.  The papers say that she and Liza are qualified.  They are called homeless because they live in a tent.  I don’t know about that, but at least that is good to have mommy and Liza go play together with some other babies.

Maybe you can take swimming lessons.  You need to be safe around your great grandma’s pool.  You and I saw some kids doing lessons and you asked me.  Funny.  It’s the same place your daddy did swim lessons.Maybe when we get back from Echo. Grandpa and I will open the cabin this week.  We will be gone for four days.  We decided not to take you because we have so much work to get done.  Also our friends are coming up for a few days.  It’s a grown-up trip this time.  We’ll take you in August for a week, okay.  I know you will be sad.  I will miss our daily exploits, buddy.  Happy 4th of July! gma

We spend most of our time outside.  You found a rubber boa on the deck and Ellie wants to water the flowers.

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