Just a bit of time

I have just a bit of time, but miss myself talking to you here. We are in a time of change.  You are done with preschool and Liza said good-bye to Coastal Community Preschool, too because in late August she will join you at Bonny Doon School.  The preschool is on campus.  I hope to have her there three days a week and with Aubrey two days. And this week, there is no school.  All of us are wondering what this new schedule is going to feel like.  Do we like it?  I was so exhausted by Tuesday morning that I sent you off to Aubrey’s on your own.  Call me when you arrive, I said.  No side trips up the walk to eat sourgrass.  Where are you going?  And you said, out the door, up the driveway and the turn left to Aubrey’s and to the phone.  Yes.  Who is with you?  Well, I run faster than Liza.  Nope.  She is with you.  You hold hands.  Bye.  After you called, I had to go back to bed. Too many days up at 5am takes its toll.  I slept for two straight hours.  Ahhh.

Your tooth is loose, you are done with preschool and you are so ready for more.  More of everything.  You eat more, want more stories, activity, independence and private time.  Okay.  Hey, your tooth just fell out.  OOPS.  Am I ready for creating a tradition here?  ugh.  Hmmm.  I’ll ask you.  Well, the tooth fairy will come, you say. What does the tooth fairy do?  She flies in and leaves me presents under my pillow?  While you sleep?  Yes.  They must be skinny presents, I say.  No she knows what I like and she’s very quiet.  What do you think she puts there?  Hmmm. I know someone who gets a special precious stone bead for her growing up necklace each time she loses her tooth.  That’s not what I get.  How do you know? Because I like dinosaurs.  How can a flying tiny thing carry a dinosaur.  Gma! its a tiny toy one.  Maybe she leaves you 10 cents to get one you like.  What’s ten cents?  Jeeze.  This is not so simple. Maybe a quarter?  a new hairbrush or pair of skivies? Some wings of your own so you can play fairy? Your first condom?   Heck, what to do?


I love you.  I set up the easel, the wading pool, got a bag of clay and brace myself for another day.  Nice aqua shirt in this pic. Love gma (by the way, I think a quarter is fine)

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